Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AML Research

Esther recently posted a video on Team Brighter Days that she helped with, highlighting the need for AML research for pediatric cancer patients. Most of you have probably seen it already, but I wanted to also add it here to the blog. There are no overhead costs, so 100% of donations go toward research. Thanks for watching, and for your continual support of the Lee family through a myriad of ways!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Feeling Better!

Ava has been feeling so much better and has been more herself! She still has some GI pain even with a basal amount of pain medication, but she hasn’t needed the additional pain meds like she did before, which is great.

The LP results came back clear (hooray!), so Ava doesn’t need to get any more lumbar punctures or CNS chemo this round. Her GI biopsy results also showed no bacterial/viral infection causing her pain, so it’s possible these are side effects from her previous chemo... Ava started getting a tiny amount of food in her tube feeds (she's still mainly getting IV nutrition). Please pray that she'll be able to digest more food on her own without incident.

Ava is scheduled to get a PET scan next week to evaluate the efficacy of this round of chemo. If the results are clear (no tumors/cancer), then they will start prepping Esther for the haploidentical transplant as it takes two weeks to get her prepared as a donor. Thanks for persevering in prayer for full healing while trusting in the Lord with whatever will come.

P.S. Ava was switched to another room today, which is great! It's about 30-40% larger than her previous room, and when you've been staying in the same hospital room for weeks like Ava and Esther have, more room is a big deal!