Welcome to Ava's blog. Ava (5 years old) was admitted to the hospital on Feb 26, 2014 for persistent fevers and a skin infection that wouldn't heal. What was thought to be "just a skin infection" revealed the shocking news that Ava had a rare form of leukemia. More on how it all started here. The purpose of this blog is to keep family and friends updated on her progress and communicate ways to help and support the Lee family.

Our hope and desire is that this blog will accomplish the purpose of keeping friends and family informed on how things are going as well as how to help and how to pray. Esther will also post updates as she feels up to it. (You will know as those entries will indicate "posted by borabora.")

I'm sure you already know how much your outpouring of love, support, prayers and practical help have been a rich blessing to the Lee family. They extend gratitude to you from the depth of their hearts. Your friendship deeply ministers to them in ways that words cannot express. Thank you for walking alongside them on this road of suffering. We look forward to dancing and rejoicing with them on this journey as well.


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