Sunday, January 15, 2017

Celebrating the Life of Ava Bright Lee

(From Esther):

We have continuously been blown away by the extent of love and support we've received. During a time of intense grief and loneliness, we have been entirely surrounded by the lavish love of God.

Thank you for joining us at Ava's memorial services on site and online. Our prayer has always been to give God all that He deserves, which is our praise and our whole selves, even when it comes at a sacrifice.

The pain is great and we anticipate it to increase as reality sets in and we learn to face the rest of our lives without Ava. In a sense, our journey has just begun. But this is a race we have been preparing for, much like a runner trains for months before the big day.

These past few years, you have been our trainers. You have never stopped encouraging us, feeding us with truth and love, coaching us, praying for us, running with us, and getting us ready for this day.

Thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts.

As we begin the first steps into this new race, we will keep our eyes on the finish line. It will be a glorious ending, no doubt. We will run faithfully, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but never giving up. For we know who awaits us when we cross into heaven: Jesus.
And, perhaps, as we are running fast in the final moments of our lives, we will see Ava also running toward us, hand in hand with Jesus.

(You may wish to skip through the first 8 minutes of black screen before the service starts).

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MD said...

I wasn't there in person but my family and I were there in spirit watching the live ceremony. I cried and laughed a little with the great memories told but mostly cried. Mrs Lee my heart broke hearing you speak and the great pain I saw in you're face.