Tuesday, January 10, 2017

RSVP Deadline

Hi Friends and Family,

In order to plan for our service, we ask that anyone who plans on attending the service please RSVP by tonight. Please note that the service will be held at the Willow Creek North shore location in Glenview.

For those of you who already RSVP'd, we look forward to seeing you. For the rest of you joining us via live stream, we feel honored to have you celebrate Ava's life with us, as you have sent much love and prayers on our family's behalf these past three years. We hope to post information about how to join us via live stream by Friday.

We ask that everyone come to the service dressed in whatever colors they feel comfortable in. Mike and I will not be wearing all black.

In lieu of flowers, here is a list of three organizations/causes that we fully support:

1. Target Pediatric AML Project

2. Dr. Colleen Delaney's Cord Blood Research: Be sure to indicate that your donation is "In Memory of" Ava Bright Lee to ensure all the donated funds go to Dr. Delaney's work.
3. Cal's Angels Foundation

Looking forward to worshipping with you,

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to honor Ava