Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ava's Memorial Service - preliminary info

Thank you for everyone's patience. Details are still being discussed, but Ava's memorial service will be two weekends from now (Jan 13/14), with Friday night being a private service.

It is a wonder how far and wide Ava's story has spread; people from all over the globe have prayed, wept and supported Ava and the Lee family - family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. However, in order to keep attendance at a reasonable number, we humbly ask that the Saturday service be limited to guests who actually knew Ava and the Lee family: Mike, Esther, Uncle David, Uncle Matt, the Lee grandparents. (We know this will still be a lot of people). Everyone else is invited and encouraged to join in via live stream. (More details to come on how to do that). We may create a Facebook event page for people to rsvp in order to get a ballpark idea on numbers. Thanks for your understanding and help.


Anonymous said...

Ava touched a lot of lives! What an angel in heaven.

mocass said...

I would love to make a donation in Ava's name as a memorial. Is there a particular organization that you would prefer a donation be made?