Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 19

Ava's ANC was over 4000 today! Because this was her 3rd day with an ANC over 2500, they were able to discontinue the med used to boost her neutrophils. It's always a good thing to be able to discontinue meds!

Ava's fever seems to be gone, though the diarrhea has been pretty tough for her to withstand. Ava is displaying a little bit of an appetite, but she's reluctant to eat for fear of GI issues. She wakes up at night with severe cramping/pain (to the point of tears) and needing to use the restroom. Then afterwards, the itching down there can be even more bothersome. I don't think the itching has been as severe as it was a while ago, but the whole experience is tiresome both physically and mentally. It's hard not to wrestle with cabin fever on top of this, being on isolation for a couple weeks now and not allowed to leave the room.

Thankfully, her C.diff seems to have cleared, so the diarrhea does not appear to be a result of that, though she also had a little blood in her stool. They're not sure if it's due to GVHD in the gut, or if it's because her body's adjusting as she begins to eat a little more? 

Still, the doctors all remark about how well Ava is doing and has been doing these past weeks. We recognize God's faithfulness and grace no matter the circumstance, but all the more so in His rich goodness.

I understand at this point that one of the main goals/factors in Ava's discharge is her ability to eat and maintain adequate nutrition by mouth. (Of course, she would also need to be free of infection). As she is able to transition to oral meds instead of IV meds, they can consider the prospect of discharge. Discharge would mean being out of the hospital, but as you know, Ava will need to remain in Seattle for follow-up for another couple of months or so.

Thanks for your faithful prayer support! In the meantime, I will add the Lees' mailing address under "Seattle Help" as well as give a link for meal sign-up in case any local folk are able and willing to help out. Thank you!

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Random Thoughts said...

Cdiff is pretty rampant especially in immunocompromised patients. Go on. Amazon and purchase some bleach wipes by chlorox. Wipe down surfaces Ava has touched. Do it daily. Even to the toilets especially because it's communal and can spread. Good hand hygiene is super important.