Sunday, March 15, 2015

Heartfelt Thanks

I can not believe our time in Seattle is coming to an end. We came with bruised up hearts but now we are leaving with them filled to the brim with memories of your graciousness and God's faithfulness. 

You have poured into our lives so generously and we will never forget your kindness. Some practical ways you have served us were through meals, cards, gifts for the girls, and a kind listening ear among many other things. Due to our timeline in getting back to Chicago, we probably won't be able to spend time saying goodbye like we had envisioned but we'd like to return anything that we have borrowed. Unfortunately, we were not good about keeping track of who we borrowed what from. If by chance, you have lent us a baby swing, boppy pillows, baby bath tub, toys (or anything else I am forgetting) and would like them returned, please email me at Otherwise, we will be donating to Eastside Baby Corner, an organization that helps provide basic needs for children from birth through age 12. More information can be found on their website at

Thank you again for your love. You took our pain and made it your own. And out of that love our hope took flight.

Speaking of flights, our tickets have been booked for this coming Thursday! Do I dare say it? It looks like we are going home!! We will have to bust out our winter wear because we are reasonable and know that 40 degrees is technically not "spring like" weather. Please, Chicago family, I know you have been having sub zero degree temps this winter but that does not mean you should be wearing shorts when there is still snow frozen to the sidewalks. 

Maybe I have just gone soft. Time to get this girl back home to the tough streets of Chicago! Yahoo!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your fsmily again with you neww addition now. You all stuck together so amazingly as a family, so proud of you guys !
You did take us through some roller coaster rides - up n down n twists n turns but as you've said it His faithfulness is so evident and unchanging through this journey. We love you and ever more so because you, ve so couageoudly shared yourselves with us.
Love, sk.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, our brave troopers! I'm so excited while reading this post.