Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Before kids and cancer and a life cluttered with busyness, there was this man that loved me well. And, now, that we have added to our family so many beautiful lives, he has loved them well too.

I like words and I like to express myself, but there are some subjects that are too deep, too full of emotion to assign tiny black letters too. Expressing my gratitude and love to Mike is one of them. But I thought this article did a good job so I'll borrow these words instead of burying my affection in my heart.

Mike does all of these things with more love and grace than I ever thought possible. Happy Father's Day to a man that deserves the best and instead settles for the everyday mundane with us.

"His heart aches for his child and his mind swirls with thoughts of what was supposed to be. He thinks of how he should be playing catch in the backyard with his son instead of lifting him into bed at night because he’s gotten too heavy for momma to do it. He thinks of how he should be letting his little girl play dress up with him and having tea parties instead of setting up the feeding pump that will give her nutrients through a feeding tube for 18 hours straight.

While he holds onto hope that his miracle with so many special needs will get better, he experiences what true love is daily through his child and accepts this life, puts on a brave smile for his family, goes to work to pay the bills and is always there to hold his wife when she feels doesn’t know what to do or where to turn.

This dad experiences the joy, the heartache, the love, the fear… all of it. He is willing to go unnoticed, unheard, unseen not because he isn’t equipped to live this special life, but rather because he is willing to be the strong, silent backbone for his child and wife. He is selfless and puts his own feelings aside so he can power through and take care of his family. In a society where the moms of children with special needs are constantly praised, the dad is often the unsung hero behind the scenes, snuggling, bathing, giving meds, working and allowing his family to thrive.

The dad behind the diagnosis may be hidden from your view, but he is there. Quietly supporting his family… and doing an amazing job."

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! What a happy Father's Day. Jude will be carrying the girls soon!