Wednesday, November 4, 2015

(From Esther):

I was planning on starting a blog series on how far we've come since last year and I was looking up ideas for Ava's one year post transplant party when I got the call regarding relapse.

That's life. You can plan all you want but life doesn't always follow your agenda.

Today we went to Lurie's to have the doctors look at some potentially new bumps on Ava's skin. The dermatologist gave us the good news that he doesn't think it is any more leukemia cutis. We are still awaiting results from Seattle but it is looking more and more like the removed cyst contained leukemia cells.

Right now, the most specific thing you can pray for is that Ava's new immune system will fight off these rogue leukemia cells and that, indeed, there are only a few floating around that can be cleaned up by her new system.

I can't write much these days because I can't get my head around all that's happened. It's a good day if we've all eaten and the kids have enjoyed themselves. So for a few days I'm going to just chronicle what I love about my girl, Ava.

Today, I remember and honor your kindness and your kisses. I'll soak every one of them up, I promise.

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Joo Park said...

I will keep praying!