Monday, February 29, 2016

Going to Seattle

Sorry for the delayed updates, here are some Facebook posts from Esther the past couple days:

Feb 27:
I'm thankful for this spring like weather that allowed one more day of bike riding memories. Due to more leukemia cutis we have decided to leave for Seattle on Monday (Feb 29) forgoing our Florida trip and Mike's trip to Haiti.

Thank you God for your small provisions like warm weather in February for one last bike ride with my three babies. Hoping with all my heart that there will be many more days like this.

Feb 28:
Ava just told us that she was stressed out about going to Seattle for treatment.
"Kids shouldn't be stressed out, kids should be as free as a foal running into the sunset," she said.
Last night at home with these sweet girls by my side. Please pray for Ava.
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Feb 29:
Ava's last day at home. There were some tears this morning as she processed everything. But when she brushed her hair back, she was all smiles as she realized that she looked like her pre-cancer self today!

Thank you so much for your prayers for our sweet Ava. We hope to get to Seattle without delay as Ava has been complaining of difficulty breathing. So we pray that the upcoming snowstorm doesn't get in the way!


Anonymous said...

If you already. Bought tickets and need to cancel and get reimbursed...get a letter from the doctor and call the airlines so they can reimburse you for the ticket cost.

Anonymous said...

You're right. She looks more like pre-cancer herself now. Why does she have to repeat this course again at this time. God, please show mercy!