Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Time

It's been a glorious past few days! We spent much needed time as a family and with Uncle David and Auntie Hannah in town, it felt complete!

It's amazing to see Ava's thirst for life. She's only 7 and yet she has learned to appreciate each day, savoring the moments with us.

Last Friday, Ava was able to get a bone marrow biopsy due to the sudden increase in platelets, ANC, and hematocrit. Her platelets went from 17 to 75, her ANC from 265 to 1006, and her red blood from 28 to 35 in just TWO days! The nurses were amazed at her recovery. We stand in awe of God's ability to heal Ava and her resilience to continue the fight.

We know that this all stems from the prayers she is receiving from all over the world. Thank you, from the bottom of my mother's heart, for your love for Ava and for storming heaven's gate on her behalf.

Tomorrow we will consult with Ava's oncologist to see what our next move will be. The most exciting news is that we are officially approved for Venetoclax AND the insurance is covering it completely!!! What an awesome answer to prayer. The financial advisor at the hospital was shocked that the insurance company was covering this drug-so are all the doctors who thought, for sure, the process would be longer and harder. But with all the connections we were given by you, everything was expedited and....well, here we are!

Thank you for standing with us and for us. We draw some mighty strength from the knowledge that we are not in this alone. The battle is fierce, but we stand in our stronghold, fortified by the Lord and all those who love Ava.

There is beauty everywhere today. And, tomorrow, with all its worries, can take a backseat. For now, we are resting under the shadow of His wings.

We know who these blessings come from. And I'm pretty sure there is more to come.

Request for Prayer:
1) Gwen is now sick with the same thing I had. I am still recovering from whatever it was that hit me. We pray for quick recovery and that it would not pass to Ava. Any sickness could delay the start of chemo.

2) Prayers for clean CT scan and No Evidence of Disease in her marrow. We will find out the results in the next few days.

3) For Ava to be able to get the Notch 1 inhibitor if needed. This drug has shown even better response than Venetoclax in an ex vivo setting. We shied away from this option at first due to how difficult it would be to get it. But, with the help of our friends, we are actively pursing this as an option.

4) For complete healing and long life for Ava.

5) For our faith to stand firm, even in the face of death. For a renewed relationship with Christ and a trust that grows with each day despite the heartaches.

Thank you for praying with us!

Celebrating Ava's discharge by going on a paddle boat ride!

On discharge day, Ava saw this cloud in the sky and said, "This cloud looks like a heart."

Reading a silly book with Uncle David and Auntie Hannah

All three Loves. Please grant us more time with them.

On the way to our whale watching adventure. 

Looking for marine life! We saw 2 humpback whales, some dolphins, and a pod of orcas!

Family fun at Carkeek Park

Teaching Jude how to walk. He should take it easy though. I mean, he's only SEVENTEEN months and still not walking. No big deal. #thirdchild

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