Friday, November 4, 2016


You may already know from Esther's post on the Team Brighter Days page, but Ava has been discharged from the hospital! What an incredible blessing this is; the meal schedule has been temporarily suspended for now, but I'll let you know when the need arises again. Heart-filled thanks to all who signed up, provided and delivered meals for the Lees. Please continue to pray for Ava and Esther during this critical time of preparing for transplant. Ava will get another bone marrow biopsy and the results will determine whether she is still a candidate for transplant. Thank you for your faithful prayers! You are helping to make news headlines! The Lord is good.

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Leslie l said...

Just heard about Ava and am sending loads of prayers for her and her family.
Ava- I am an old lady compared to you - turning 50 next week. My younger brother who isnt my twin but you would think he was and I have both survived Hodgkins, myself four years ago anc my brother almost twenty. So impressed with your sweet spirit and bravery. we know all too well that it isn't always so easy to feel brave all the time, so know our prayers will be there for you and your family. Because we also know first hand how hard it is for ones family. All the best from across the pond in London-- see you are getting prayers from all over!! God bless!