Friday, December 23, 2016

Meal Train

The Meal Train will begin again for the Lees starting next Monday. They will have various family members coming in from out of town, so meal support would allow them to focus on spending time together without the distraction of other logistics. Things to note:
  • Meals should be delivered to the Lee home. You can contact Patty at: naisula (at) gmail (dot) com for their address
  • The number of adults to feed might vary from day to day, but should be noted on each date. (Please check back as the numbers might be adjusted accordingly). Feel free to team up with others to provide food for a particular day.
  • Don't worry about providing food for the kids.
  • At this time, a daily meal schedule has been set up. However, should the Lees start accumulating a healthy amount of leftovers, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Thank you!

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