Monday, August 18, 2014

Improvement Overnight - Updated

Thank you for your prayers. They swabbed Ava's wounds to culture and we are still waiting for test results to come back. Ava is on antivirals/antibiotics. Ava did better overnight. She was still itchy, but she wasn't waking every hour from it, and seems more content during her waking moments. Her wounds are beginning to scab over & dry up, unlike the weeping and crusting she was experiencing previously. She's been fever-free for  a day and a half. We are thankful for all of these things.

Ava's first day of school is this Thursday. On one hand, school may seem like no big deal to miss, and surely Ava would miss a good deal of it when she gets the MTX. But it also seems important to give Ava any sense of normalcy (is that possible?)

As it is, Ava is not on some other drugs she would normally be on (e.g. oral chemo, antibiotic) because they do not want to drop her ANC any further and make her more vulnerable to infection. So while Ava would normally be in next week for MTX again, we are unclear how her timeline is working out this round.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Update @ 12:35am:
Ava has really improved a lot today! Still not sure what they've determined, but Esther said Ava's wounds are SO much better. Praise the Lord! However... Esther may have caught some sort of stomach virus; projectile vomiting means she is unable to stay at the hospital or care for Ava. Please keep their whole family in your prayers. Thank you so much!

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