Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On the Mend - Updated

Thank you for your prayers! Ava has been discharged and is almost home. Here's a word and photo from Esther:

Look at that smile! Ava is feeling so much better! The turn around time for her healing has been speedier than normal so thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Please join us in praying for 
Anne Kao Won's daughter who was admitted last night for fevers. Ella Joy would really love to make it to her first day of school tomorrow. We love you Ella Joy and Ava is praying for you to get better soon!
Praise God for Ava's improvement! Let's continue to pray for complete healing! Esther herself has been trying to just keep liquids down (no vomiting), so she's staying away from foods for now. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Also, thank you in advance for praying for their friend, little Ella Joy, who is also battling cancer and currently in the hospital with fevers and low ANC.

Your prayers are invaluable.

Update @ 11:30pm:
Looks like they ruled out varicella zoster (chicken pox/shingles virus). Ava is doing well on antibiotics and antiviral. Her ANC was high enough to even resume chemo today (what a trooper!!) so she had that as well. It would be great for Ava to attend her first day of school this Thursday (Ella Joy's first day is tomorrow), so this is something we are praying towards as well. Thank you for partnering with us. 


Anonymous said...

yayy so glad to hear of the good news!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ava, I pray for this smile stays with you forever! Ava, comes out from the valley and gets out from the roller coaster of fighting for cancer, you'll have a wonderful future! Sorry I'm not helpful when you're struggling with cancer, but I'll keep walking with you and praying for you through the whole journey. Never give up, keep going.

Susan :o) said...

Dear Ava, You have the sweetest smile that lights up your beautiful little face!!! You are in my prayers as you courageously face pain, itchiness, sleepless nights and all other kinds of yucky stuff. You have a lot of people who love you, are praying for you and are cheering you on as you fight cancer. You may only be 6 but the impact your story has on the gazillions of us reading this blog is inspiring!!! Sending you lots of hugs & prayers :o)

Anonymous said...

Dear Eva,

You are sweet angle and your in my thoughts and prayers all the time! I may not know you or your family, but rest assure I pray for you and your whole family all the time. You are such a brave and beautiful little girl! I know our Heavenly Father has beautiful plans for you! Because of all of your suffering you are bringing some many people closer to God! What a bless that this! Every night I just pray that Jesus will heal you right away and soon you will be doing all the wonderful things a precious little girl should be doing! God bless you Eva and your entire family!!! Carmen X. Kim