Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 77

Esther and Jude seem to be rockin' life, so they were discharged today! Ava received a platelet infusion this morning and was able to go pick up her new baby brother afterwards. 


  • Another blessing is the fact that Ava has had very few platelet transfusions since transplant. In fact, despite the doctors preparing them for frequent transfusions, today was only Ava's second transfusion since transplant! She did well with just Benadryl as premedication -- what a wonderful thing considering the degree of nervous anxiety that formerly surrounded each transfusion she had in the past, as well as other medications given prophylactically.
  • Ava was negative for CMV a couple days ago. After confirming this with another level check, her CMV med can be reduced by half.
  • Ava continues on her steroid taper and her stomach seems to be doing well.

Prayer requests:

  • Gwen unexpectedly vomited twice after everyone came home. She is staying with grandparents who are caring for her. Please pray for her health/recovery, and everyone else to remain healthy: Ava, Jude, Esther, Mike, grandparents.
  • We are glad that Ava is tolerating her steroid taper well. Please continue praying for successful weaning. In the meantime, her body is still reeling from the effects of long-term steroids. Thanks for praying for quick and full restoration.

Hopefully the whole Lee family can be under the same roof soon and settle into life with a baby boy.

Thanks for your prayers!

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