Friday, February 13, 2015

Test Results

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post results earlier today, but some great news: Ava is still MRD negative! Praise God for His goodness! We are very excited about that!

Some more exciting news: Ava's IgE level was drawn and came back early. It's low: 27! This is also great news, as they will stick with the plan to give her a food challenge next week and see how she does. Just to give some perspective about her IgE level of 27:

  • people without allergies can have IgE levels around 120
  • Ava's level as a toddler: 19,000
  • Ava's level before diagnosis: 22,000
  • Ava's level pre-transplant: 800 (you may recall that because it was under 1000, they were able to give her a drug to further decrease her IgE before transplant in hopes of minimizing allergic reactions)
  • Day 80 post-transplant: 27
Ava is now on her daily taper of steroids. Meaning, every day her dose decreases a little. Prior to this, Ava had to stay on the same dose for a week before another decrease. So we are nearing the end of her steroid taper, which is a welcome sight! I believe her last day of steroids will be Feb 22nd.

Correction: Ava did not have an adrenal test done today. That will be done on the 23rd, after she has discontinued steroids.

On another note, yesterday's LP resulted in a spinal leak, where the puncture hole didn't close properly. As a result, Ava's been experiencing bad spinal headaches which are worse when she's upright. Please pray that the hole would close completely and that the pain would fully resolve.

Please continue praying for stamina for Mike and Esther, and God's gift of rest and refreshing for their souls and bodies. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

just two words: PRAISE GOD!

Anonymous said...

I’m so excited of seeing a lot of good news here today. Praise God! Mike and Esther, you’re so wonderful mom and dad. I guess the recovery for you two will takes a long time. I’ll keep you two and the kids in my prayer. Happy Valentine’s day(tomorrow)!