Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Friend Me on FB

I am serious. If you are reading these posts and praying for our family, you are already a good friend! But, for those that would rather not get sucked into the all consuming world of Facebook, I understand. I will bring my FB posts to you. It is where I document all the fun stuff...because even though we are a bit wrapped up with cancer, we are still living life and experiencing God's goodness!

July 24:
Ava admiring Gwen's hair...

Ava: Gwen, I love your hair. Well, it's actually good and bad. It's good because it is really pretty but because it's so long, you are at risk for head lice.
#‎iloveher‬ ‪#‎sopractical‬

July 24:

The prednisone food rage has begun. Ava's newest craving is chips. She hates how ravenous she becomes but even in the middle of furiously chomping, I hear her small voice chirp, "Look, Mama! Gwen's chip looks like a heart!"

If you look for good things, you will find them.

She can't get enough of those chips and I can't get enough of her.
#loveisallaround #givethanksalways

July 29:

Ava lost two teeth in the last two days. This was the letter she put under her pillow.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, thank you for the wonderful gifts every time I lose a tooth and I know that it is really you Mommy and Daddy. But I love you no matter what. Love, Ava 😊"

Every time she reaches a new milestone, my heart does a little flip and clings even tighter to the hope that she's gonna be just fine.
#swoon #mylove #prayforavabright

August 1:

This is my life. Still, hands down, the best years of my life.
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August 4:
Gwen is growing up too fast. She's 4 years old but she often talks like she's 24. Here's what I mean...

Gwen: Mom, if you leave your kid at home alone, is it kid endangerment?
Me: Um...Yes...if the kid is too little to be left at home. How do you know that word?
Gwen: (Ignoring me) So if you leave your young kid at home, it's a crime. Right?
Me: You know so much. You sound so old!!
Gwen: OLD?? Do you mean older?
Me: ...That's what I meant. (spoken in a meek and timid voice because I'm scared I will make another mistake.)

But then she says things that make me feel like everything's gonna be just fine.

Gwen: I know something. I learned it but no one taught me. Not even God...You can eat poop. But it won't taste delicious.

Phew. She's just a normal four year old.

August 6:

Happy 6 months to Jude baby! You are just like your daddy-you smile through it all! I don't think you understand presents yet but I'm going to give you the gift of a round head. I promise to help you even out that flat spot you formed from months of laying around seemingly neglected because your sisters are more vocal about their needs.
#judebaby #6monthsalready #intheblinkofaneye

August 7:

While in the bathroom with Gwen, she turns to the changing table and says: look a daddy is putting his daughter in the toilet. 😦

Eek, the world is a terrifying place for a 4 year old who can't read and has limited life experience.

August 7:

Here we are celebrating Mike's 36th birthday together as a family at Lurie's infusion center for Ava.

This morning Mike asked me if he was turning 37. We are at an age where we don't remember how old we are and we just don't care. Ugh, it's a sad time. Lucky for him, he still looks like a teenager.

We've only been a family for a fraction of time but I don't remember life before them.

We don't have much but we have each other. And that's more than enough. Happy birthday to my favorite person, @mike lee! Let's party like we're 35 and get take out, watch a movie, and go to bed by 10:00. I love you!

August 8:

She has these crazy allergies that induce sneezes with snot. But she's just too cool to care.
#BOSS #soproud #noimageissueshere

August 12:

This life, so filled with brokenness, also has glorious moments of joy.
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Love this, made me laugh, your family is such a joy!