Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seattle Bound...Again

I've been holding off on this update because I didn't want it to be true, but it looks like we are heading back to Seattle. Ava needs to be restaged for GVHD and, if it is becoming a chronic problem, we know that she'll receive the best care in Seattle. It's hard not to be disappointed by her (lack of) progress but we are also incredibly thankful that we have the opportunity to seek out the best care for her. There is a doctor in Seattle that is a GVH Guru and many people from around the country have sought him out for their GVH issues. And while I have a lot of comfort in knowing that she will be in good hands, it still kind of sucks to be leaving home again.

This time around, Mike will be staying home while I take the kids to Seattle. My parents will join me because, God knows, I can't do it on my own. They continually lay down their plans, their retirement, their lives in order to serve me and my family...ugh, there are no words to thank them.

I also have not updated on the results of Gwen's MRI. While there weren't any obvious findings regarding the cause of her headaches, the doctors came upon an incidental finding of two cystic structures in her brain near the pineal and pituitary gland. Cysts are not cancerous and only need to be removed if they become problematic. But since the cysts are so near two glands, Gwen will be seen by a neurologist, endocrinologist, and (if needed) a neurosurgeon to discuss our course of action. Hopefully nothing more than monitoring will be needed. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us! If you would like to join us in prayer, we have a few requests that we have been giving to the Lord the past few weeks.

1) Wisdom for the doctors as they look for the cause of Ava's recent problems and wisdom to treat her effectively.

2) Strength as a family for the next few months that we are apart.

3) Safe travels as we drive out to Seattle.

4) All the logistics with relocating to Seattle again.

5) Wisdom for the doctors as they continue to look for the cause of Gwen's headaches and for how to deal with the two cysts in her brain.

We thank God for:
1) The chance to go back to Seattle for treatment
2) Ava losing 2 teeth this past week and for continuing to reach milestones
3) Ava's first sleepover and fun play dates these past few weeks
4) Gwen's ability to adjust to different situations fairly quickly
5) A chance to reconnect with our family and friends in Chicago
6) Getting Pippin back for a few months
7) The chance to celebrate Ava's 7th birthday in just two more weeks
8) Jude's continued good health
9) Being able to sleep in our own beds for the past few months
10) For the support, love, and prayers of all our family and friends

Thank you so much for following our journey and forever cheering us on!


Edward Denecke said...

Praying for you. Be strong! Jesus hold Ava near to you!

Edward Denecke said...

Praying for you. Be strong! Jesus hold Ava near to you!

Anonymous said...

praying <3

Ava, stay strong! You still have a lot of fight left in you~