Wednesday, May 25, 2016


WAIT!! Hold the phone...

It looks like Ava is responding to Nelarabine! She's been known to be a late responder but this is such an unexpected surprise! I'm not sure yet how, or even if, this will change our next steps but I will update as soon as I know. Thank you, Father! Thank you for your prayers!

Ava had her first day of radiation today! I'm so thankful for the whole team that worked together with just one goal --frying Ava's cancer.

In the midst of all the hard stuff, we have so much love surrounding us. Thank you for loving us, praying for us, supporting us from near and far. We felt God's peace today in the small and big things. It wasn't easy for Ava to stand alone in the room, blinded by the lead goggles, but she was fierce and even with tears streaming down she stood her ground.

She is one of only a dozen children that have received this type of radiation. If it works, it may be helpful in finally designing a protocol for children with leukemia cutis. We pray that it is so.

This pretty lady is so amazing!

Getting ready for radiation. #likeaboss

Covered in My Little Pony stickers to measure the amount of radiation to her skin.

So brave, so super, so fierce.

This team...when I see them running around trying to coordinate this difficult procedure, my eyes fill with tears. They are so wonderful and caring. Ava is blessed. We ask for continual prayers for wisdom and skilled expertise as they work their magic for the next few weeks.

Celebrating Ava's bravery with Ghiradelli ice cream!

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luai said...

Her smile is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It always is a blessing when you post pictures of it. This child is stronger than so many of us. Praise the Lord for her.