Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CNS Relapse

(From Team Brigher Days):
With devastated hearts we share that Ava is showing CNS relapse as well as widespread disease in other extra medullary sites. Due to the CNS (brain and spinal chord fluid) relapse we are being told that even with the most intense chemo, the chances of her recovering are now very slim.

She has been sleeping many hours throughout the day and her intense pain is being managed with morphine and other pain medication. Without intervention, she likely only has weeks at most.

We are spending a lot of time bedside with Ava and, unfortunately, Gwen and Jude do not understand so they are confused and sad about being separated from us.

Mike and I talk to her oncologist tomorrow. Please pray for us as we navigate these impossible decisions. We thank you for your prayers as you plead with us for another chance for our precious girl. We need a miracle.


esskayelle said...

praying for you guys.

Susan Wang said...

Pray for lovely Ava !

Lin Xin said...

Lord, please give most comfort to Ava, so she does not feel pain at this stage. Please give her strength so she can be strong during the treatment. Please show the miracle so Ava's body will response best to the treatment.