Monday, June 27, 2016

Transferring out of ICU

Thanks for your prayers for Ava and family. Ava was extubated overnight and is going to be transferred out of ICU to the Cancer Care floor. As you can imagine, it was rather traumatic for her to wake up and find tubes in her with not much recollection as to what happened. The good news is that the MRI came back normal, which also means it's not very clear as to why she had the seizure. This isn't her first seizure, so perhaps she has some tendency toward them with the right stressors/triggers.

However, now that Ava's ANC is at zero (meaning she has no immune system), she may need to remain in the hospital longer; waiting to see what the next steps are, thanks for standing with the Lee family!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for faithfully updating, @jaemom. I don't know Ava or her family personally but heard of her story from a friend of a friend. I'll be praying constantly and plan to fast this Friday breakfast and lunch. If it's not too much trouble, could you please update the prayer chain Google schedule to ensure that Ava is bathed in prayer morning to night? Thank you again.

jaemom said...

Thanks for the suggestion on the prayer chain. We know that many already pray for Ava daily, some with fasting. The prayer chain has been extended on the Google schedule.