Friday, September 5, 2014

Discharged! (with photos)

Ava has been cleared for discharge today, hooray! Thank you for your prayers.

Here are some photos from this last hospital stay, for those of you not on Facebook:
Day 1: Settling in for another round of high-dose methotrexate
Day 2: Waiting

Day 3 (from Esther):

Celebrity Day at the hospital! Hilary Duff saw her from across the room and told her what a beautiful smile Ava had. Then after spending some time with her she said, "You are the sweetest girl. It was a treat for me to meet you today!" Also, Shaw and Kruger played with Ava today. Ava said it was the best day ever!

Day 3: Celebrity Day

We love seeing Ava's infectious smile and continue to pray for complete healing, MRD negative. Thank you!

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