Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Development

As you know, Mike & Esther are doing their best to "plan ahead" without really having much knowledge about what the future holds (or much say in outcomes along the way), while remaining as flexible as possible.

A new development has put Minnesota back on the grid as a potential place for transplant. Originally the doctor there wouldn't be available for consult for another two weeks. But after Ava's biopsy results came back yesterday, Ava's oncologist reached out to him and he got back to Mike & Esther last night! So the Lee family is on the road to MN right now and to meet with this renowned doctor sometime tomorrow (or possibly Tuesday).

You may wonder why they are still considering MN. While Seattle would still be a great place for Ava to have her transplant, this doctor in MN is very well respected in his field (even in Seattle), and MN would be in-network under their current insurance. More importantly, he has/is doing some studies on bone marrow transplants in patients who are still MRD positive (like Ava), and may have valuable input on her care. The Lee family also has some support network of family & friends in MN that will be a great blessing to them.

So, the location of Ava's transplant is back under consideration, but a final decision will need to be made in the next day or two. We praise God for opening up the doors for this consultation, and trust Him to shed light on their next steps. Thank you for praying the same. We will keep you posted.

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