Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 46: Almost, but Not Yet

Thank you for your prayers. It was decided today that Ava will not be discharged tomorrow after all. The reason is that she had another really painful episode in the bathroom today, and the doctors feel it would be better for her to remain in the hospital until all the stool has cleared her system and they have a chance to observe her afterwards to ensure that her pain is due to the impacted stool and not to GVHD. She has a good amount of stool still in her gut, so it may take a couple more days or so for it to all clear, and you may recall that there is no discharge on the weekends, including Fridays.

Thanks for continuing to pray for Ava and her pain, GI health, and her spirits. Please pray for the Lee family to have stamina and patience for the days ahead. Please pray that Ava will be discharged and stable at the apartment before Baby Boy Lee makes his debut! It would be wonderful for the Lee family to only deal with one hospital at a time. ;)

Correction: on a previous post, I said that the doctors felt Ava's case of GVHD is one of the "most severe" they've seen. That was incorrect; they do say that it is one of the "more" severe cases with cord blood transplant, but not that it's one of the most severe.

Also, the Ronald McDonald house mailing address posted on the Seattle Info page will continue to be good even after Ava is discharged.

Thank you for your loving prayers!
I'll leave you with a photo of Gwen, from Esther:

This baby girl is one funny, sacrificial, and loving child. Her name means "blessed" and we sure are. It's not easy being a sibling to a cancer kid, but Gwen's got it down.
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lol@mike and his box of (probably) baked goods ^_^ sitting on the couch most likely watching some UFC, haha!

much love from your brother from another mother