Seattle Info

Thank you for your interest in helping the Lee family while they are in Seattle! They have been greatly moved by the gestures of love and support they have already received while in Seattle.

If you are able to provide a meal for Mike & Esther during their last few weeks in Seattle, that would be so appreciated. You can sign up here. Thank you in advance!

It's hard to believe, but the Lees are anticipating returning to Chicago in a few weeks! In light of that, any mail is requested to be sent to their home. This will help them prepare for their return trip and minimize the amount of things they need to bring back. Thank you for thinking of them! From here on out, please send mail to:

The Lee Family 
20523 N. Eugene Ave. 
Prairie View, IL 60069

Ava continues to receive emails at:

Please understand if she isn't able to write back, but know that your message means a lot.

Thank you!

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