Monday, April 13, 2015

Admitted for Observation

I know Esther has been in the middle of a long post, wanting to update everyone on how things are going since their return home. Hopefully, she'll get a chance to finish that post sometime soon.

In the meantime, Ava was admitted earlier this evening for possible pneumonia. She was complaining of some chest pain and had a mild cough here and there. She also has had some vomiting recently, though it wasn't clear if it was related to medication or not.

Because of the seriousness of pneumonia in someone immunocompromised like Ava, it was recommended that Ava get checked out. Chest x-ray shows something that "might be" pneumonia?? A CT scan is scheduled to also rule out fungal pneumonia. She hasn't had any fevers, but in the clinic, her oxygen saturation was 87-90% which was surprisingly low, considering she didn't otherwise appear to be working very hard to breathe. Ava was admitted so they can observe her more and see if they can't figure out the cause of her symptoms. She was started on IV fluids and an IV antibiotic.

It's a much different experience this time around, since Jude is in tow. Mike is staying with Gwen tonight to take care of her skin which has been acting up a lot lately.

Thanks for your continual prayers for Ava and the family.

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Prayers, prayers and more prayers!