Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gwen!

Today is Gwen's 4th Birthday! Here are a couple of photos that Esther posted yesterday on FB:

Happy early birthday to my second born child. Last year, we celebrated Gwen's birthday in the midst of Ava's diagnosis and this year it is shrouded again in Ava's illness. But this girl, she smiles. Boy, does she smile bright and it shines a light into the darkest tunnels of pain and grief. So we continue to celebrate life because what is living if we don't revel in the small things like love, laughter, parties, and Hello Kitty.

This is Ava today. We are still searching for answers but in the meantime we are enjoying her beautiful smile! Thank you so much for your love and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Ava, it's so good to see your smile!
Gwen….Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Love, Mrs. S.

Peter said...

Happy Birthday Gwen!! We love your smile, and wow, look at your beautiful smile too, Ava!! Both of you are just BEAMING! ☺️ We can hardly wait to see you in person!!
With God's love, Peter, Lily, Ethan and Claire