Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy morning

I spoke with Esther briefly. Ava is on the 3rd day of being NPO (no eating/drinking), though she did get a little bit of IV nutrition yesterday (though hunger pains still remain). She is now getting oxygen through BiPAP instead of CPAP to match her breathing better.

Ava is overall looking better; she's happy, sitting in a chair (first time moving from the bed), and talking and everything! It's great to see. They hadn't talked to the doctors yet so I'll share any updates when I hear.

Please pray for continued protection on all Lee family members; no one can afford to get sick at this point and risk exposing Ava to anything else. However, being spring and allergy season, it isn't always easy to distinguish between allergy symptoms and illness. Thanks for your effectual prayers and love!

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