Sunday, May 3, 2015

Catching up from Facebook

April 29:
I slept in 2 different beds, woke up at least 3 times last night and still slept more comfortably than this guy. I prefer not to sleep with Gwen because I like to breathe when I sleep and obviously she doesn't always let that happen.
#chokehimout #cosleepingwoes

April 30:
Coolest day ever!! Ava met her cancer twin, Father Luke, a priest from Singapore! He is visiting Chicago to finally meet his live donor match (hero), who also happens to be our friend Peter (Lily Mui). Father Luke was diagnosed with the same rare cancer that Ava had which makes it super duper special for Ava who had yet to meet a buddy that shared the same diagnosis as her. Another thing they share is the gift of more time on earth made possible by the selfless act of heroic individuals. Are you ready to be someone's hero? Please consider joining the registry or donating your baby's cord blood in order to save a life!!
#bethematch #giftoftime #savethecordbloodsavetheworld

April 30:
12 weeks today! Although 3 months is technically next week (May 5th) this big boy is doing us proud. At a hulking 17 pounds, he is still the most gentle and calm baby. He's laying on a blanket that was lovingly gifted to us by a mom who lost her precious daughter to cancer a few months before Jude was born. How she is able to serve and celebrate with us in the midst of her deep pain and loss is nothing short of a miracle. And it is something I have had the sad privilege of witnessing on this journey-that life is worth celebrating in the big and small things because life is a gift, a truly miraculous one.
#12weeks17pounds #loveneverfails

May 2:
"Mike, take a picture of me and baby boy so he'll know that I held him sometimes."

There you go, son. You are the third baby but you are loved.
#thirdsthecharm #judebaby

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