Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We Just Can't Hold It In

Ava is brave. So are all the kids that daily fight for one more day to dance. And you are brave for fighting alongside us. ‪#‎onemoreday‬ ‪#‎avasgotmoves‬

Click here to watch Ava dance her heart out!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! On this National Day of Prayer....I pray that God hears all the prayers for the Lees.

Fr Luke Fong said...

Hey Ava! Hello from Singapore. It's me, Fr Luke - your biphenotypic leukemia buddy from halfway across the world. I've been praying for you since I visited you at your home with Uncle Peter and Aunt Lily. You are such a special child, and I love it that we share a common bond through this cross that we share. Each day as I live out my life, I thank God for his gift of his saving love, and I want to encourage you to still praise God for every beautiful, lovely and delightful thing that you see and experience. Let this positive attitude be your living prayer to God and let it sing from your heart, even though you may not have the voice on some days. The love that you have for God will become even more beautiful than the voice of a thousand angels!

Stay strong in prayer, and keep that wonderful innocence always precious for God and those you meet. My prayers go out to you, your amazing parents, and your brother and sister as well.

Amber Peters said...

The cutest! Needs to go straight to Sara!

Steph - the 313 said...

oh i just love this so much. you three ladies are so incredible. (Esther - you look amazing and i love the double rice cooker action!!) xoxo. Ava - you are SO brave!!!!