Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Go Gold!

Good Morning! Today marks the first day of September. It's a special month because it is a chance for us to bring awareness to Childhood Cancer! About 2 years ago, I didn't know much about childhood cancer because it hadn't wreaked havoc on my family yet. I could never have imagined that my girl, Ava, would be battling for her very life and that we would become a family dealing with pediatric cancer.

Cancer really stinks. But there is a special kind of heartache seeing a child wither away, tethered to a hospital bed with all sorts of lines protruding from her body to deliver chemical poisons (hence why it is called "chemo") to kill ALL cells, the good with the bad, moaning into the night with a pain that you can't kiss away, selecting a casket that is worthy enough to hold your greatest treasure...It's graphic and it's gory but it is also the truth.

Can we all agree that children should be given the best chance at life, the best treatments to illness, the best care that is possible? It isn't the case yet but will you help me stand in the gap by bringing awareness to the ugly truth about childhood cancer. If you have a moment, will you read the information on this site? http://www.kidsvcancer.org/facts/

There are so many statistics here that I couldn't outline them all on this status update. But many of them are shocking and devastating all rolled up and tied with a ribbon of sadness.

Here's one personal fact. Ava won't be able to have children due to her radiation treatment. Not only has cancer stolen parts of her childhood, but it will have a huge impact on her future too. Won't you help bring awareness to pediatric cancer so that we can find more humane ways to treat and cure children? I know I won't ever stop.

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