Friday, September 4, 2015

Crush Cancer

"Mom, will radiation keep someone from wanting to marry me?"

(Breathe in. Breathe out.)

"No, of course not, baby girl."

Cancer still tries to swing its punches even when we've pinned it down. It doesn't just destroy the body, but it tries to get at the spirit too. I'm tired of defending my daughter against its blows. I hate cancer so much.

I'm so thankful for women like "Mary Tyler Mom" who has allowed her grief to become a breakthrough of hope by drawing attention to Childhood Cancer through her writing. We were so honored to have Ava featured on MTM's blog for today's edition in her 2015 September Series to bring "awareness into action" and to crush Cancer once and for all.

Please check out Ava's story and each of the stories featured on her blog for the month of September!

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