Monday, January 25, 2016

A Little Update

I don't have much to report yet but we did see the dermatologist today and he recommends that the skin lesion be biopsied. We are hoping that the skin biopsy can be done at the same time as her bone marrow biopsy this Wednesday.

On Thursday, Ava will make a trip to the American Girl Doll store for lunch and a shopping spree set up by my good friend, Heather. Ava is very excited and has been looking forward to it for some time now.

Despite all of the crappy stuff that is going on in her body, Ava spent another day playing hard and laughing a lot. She only cried once and that was because she felt like she didn't have enough alone time with me before Gwen came home from school. After 10 minutes of playing with Gwen, she came up to me and said, "I guess it's not SO bad that Gwen is back." Leave it to her to feel guilty about normal sibling all ended well in her world today. That's enough for me.

We should know more by Thursday or Friday of this week. Thank you for standing with us in love and prayers.

Ava had a tummy ache this morning and Pippin came over and put his head on her belly. Ava was very pleased that her therapy dog finally did something therapeutic for her. 
#earnyourkeep #pippinlove

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