Friday, January 29, 2016

We don't have any results back yet but we do have tons of pictures of the girls having the best day EVER thanks to Auntie Heather Rocen and Auntie Valerie Rocen!!

Today was the much awaited trip to American Girl Doll Store for lunch and a shopping spree. Ava started the morning off with nausea and pain from the biopsy incision. The whole car ride she was moaning in the back seat and I thought I would need to turn around and head home. Thankfully we didn't and when we entered the store, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Normally the day after a biopsy is filled with anxiety but today we were surrounded by love and happiness! Thank you, to Christine Young, Heather Stites, Valerie Rocen, and Ann, from the bottom of our hearts! ❤

With Auntie Heather Stites and Auntie Valerie Damerjian Rocen. This mother/daughter pair is amazing!

With Ann, the best personal shopper ever!

We just needed the song "Pretty Woman" in the background and I'm pretty sure we could have shot our own movie.

This is what a happy kid looks like.

Heather Stites took the day off of work to make sure these girls had smiles on their faces the whole day long. #blessed

Happily perusing the aisles with personal shopper, Ann!

Having to make some tough choices...

Enjoying our 4 course lunch at American Girl Doll Cafe with the beautiful Rocen ladies!

"If only my mom would take me to get my hair styled..."

I (Esther) love this child (Ava). Not to be confused with Ava loving her bitty baby child-which is also true.

With the newest member of our family, Olivia Delaney Lee. Her middle name is in honor of Ava's favorite transplant doctor, Colleen Delaney Forehand.

Best Day Ever.

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Anonymous said...

I pray many more happy days like this for Ava on earth!