Sunday, March 6, 2016

Facebook Catch Up

Thank you for faithful support and vigilant prayer.
Just a note, comments on the blog will be moderated going forth, so there may be a delay from when you submit a comment and when it actually posts. So don't worry if you don't see your comment right away. I'll do my best to minimize the delay; thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, here are some Facebook posts from Esther. I'll also try to keep them updated closer to real time as I am able. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Saturday, 3/5:
Waiting and praying for Ava from this room. I hate holding her while she falls asleep to anesthesia because it is such a jarring thing to experience. I feel like I am living the horrible nightmare of having to watch her die. The only consolation as I kiss her cheeks and wipe away her tears as she says goodbye and drifts off to sleep is knowing that she will wake up again after surgery. But, oh, my heart blisters and tears to know that she may not wake up one day. God, make still my heart and give Ava peace.

Ava lost two teeth during her line placement surgery. She woke up to her front teeth missing. She was so upset and disoriented from her anesthesia that she asked me to tape them back into her mouth.
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(There's a video that goes with this; I will post if I am able to).

The joy on her face while talking to her grandma is priceless.

Sunday, 3/6:
Started day one of chemo yesterday. She's in a little pain from the chloromas in her back but otherwise happy and cheerful. We will most likely be in the hospital for 8 days to receive all the chemo. Then we will wait and pray for several weeks with the hope that this chemo will put her in remission. The chances are low but there still is a chance so we pray and pray with endless tears to see her live and thrive.

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