Thursday, March 31, 2016

Results & Next Steps!

If you haven't already seen the Team Brighter Days Facebook posts from yesterday, Ava's PET scan and biopsy results are in!

This beautiful girl just got the best news! Her results have come in with significant changes for the better! Her MRD went from .34 to .007 and her pet scan has shown resolution of many of the tumors in her body. Although we still have to fight a little longer, we thank GOD for His great mercy and grace. And we thank you for standing with us in prayer and with so much love.

To celebrate the fantastic news of Ava's results, we decided to make a trip to Vancouver. We made an unexpected stop to see the tulips.
It was the most amazing sight.
Isn't that life? Sometimes the most unplanned things in life can produce the most beauty. 

So the plan now is for Ava to get a second round of the same chemo she just received. She will start that round tomorrow, and it will be another 8 days of chemo and then wait and see how it works in her body the following few weeks.

All glory and praise to God for His amazing work up to this point, and we trust Him for even more! We can not comprehend His ways, and they may not be the same as our desires, but we know that He is good either way. Thank you for your continued prayers, and for celebrating this great news with us!

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