Thursday, April 10, 2014

Echo (First Procedure of Today)

Ava is having an echocardiogram done to make sure the medications she has been taking are not messing with her heart. We knew that this was a possible side effect but this procedure makes it more "real." On a bad day, we are discouraged and we think, "What's the point of trading in one illness for another down the line?" But then we remember that each day has enough problems of its own and we try to focus on today. We live one day at a time, learning to lean on God's grace and the love of all of you who are doing such a major work in our lives with your prayers and your support. We pray that the medicines that cure Ava of cancer do not bring on secondary cancers or other problems with her organs in the future. But, most of all, we pray that Ava's faith would increase in the midst of trials that are often too great for a child, and we hope that our faith would take her courageous lead.

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praying :)