Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chemo Tomorrow

Ava will return to the clinic tomorrow to receive her next chemo drug. This is the one that notoriously causes reactions in people, so thank you in advance for your prayers! Apparently some people don't mount any type of response the first time, but may develop a reaction after a couple of times of having received the drug. So, although this is supposed to be outpatient therapy, the Lees will prepare to stay longer if necessary. Please pray for Ava to be reaction-free now and throughout! (I'm not sure how often she will receive this particular med). What we do know is that Ava will otherwise be getting chemo every Thursday.

Please continue to pray for Gwen as well, as she still has some fevers and complains of stomach pain at times. She may need to return to the doctor tomorrow if her symptoms do not resolve.

Praise: This one steroid that Ava needs to take twice a day is also well-known to taste really nasty (e.g. inducing vomiting, causing much grief, etc.), but Ava has been taking it like a champ! Mike & Esther have been putting juice in her mouth, tossing the pill in there, and Ava has been able to throw it back and swallow it down! This is a HUGE blessing for which they all thank God for!

Thank you so much for your partnership in prayer!

On another note: seeing as Ava started ALL treatment and should generally be receiving outpatient therapy, I added more dates to the meal schedule for home delivery. Please know that Mike & Esther do not expect any meals to be provided, but I know many of you would be interested in serving them in this tangible way. You can check out the meal website to sign up for a date and get more details. As always, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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