Friday, April 18, 2014

Ava's Note

We sat in our Good Friday service and meditated on Jesus' suffering. His was an inconceivable kind-one that we could not possibly wrap our minds around. There is so much to say regarding the Cross, yet nothing seems sufficient. I glanced down at Ava during the service and saw that she was scribbling in her small pink notepad. Later, upon closer inspection, I discovered this:

Though we falter at articulating our thoughts of thankfulness, awe, praise, and affection, You have already "taught children and infants to give you praise." (Matthew 21:16)

We thank God for our children who teach us powerful truths about God, gratitude, hope, and faith.

*Please join us at one of TWO Bone Marrow Drives held next Saturday, April 26th!  We continue to look for a perfect match for Ava!

*Here's one more way to spread the word:

Won't you consider leaving a comment on any of the articles you have read so far? It would be a great testament to the relevancy of this topic and perhaps we can bring continued attention to the need for more bone marrow donors!


Amy Lam said...

Dear Ava, Gwen, Esther and Mike,
Your posts are so precious! We are praying for you. I heard you guys were at church a few times, but wasn't able to see you. I know you had to whisk Ava away right away. Hopefully I'll see you at some point, but in the meantime, here's an electronic "hug".
Love, Amy Lam

ting si said...

Dear Lee Family,
The posts here are so precious. "I love God, do you love God", Dear Ava wrote this note even when she was still in the treatment. The journey Esther went through from questioning "Why can't I just journey with joy?" to Ava showed Esther "the way out from the shadows of sorrow by pointing toward the light." is so touching, what a testimony. We will continue to pray for Ava, may God bless Ava and your family, and find her the perfect bone Marrow match.

Crystal Dong said...

Dear Lee Family,
My son is 4 and he has been treated for ALL for 15 months. I got to know Ava's story from a fellow parent. I'm organizing a bone marrow drive for a large scale targeting Asian population for the Memorial Weekend. Since my son is responding well to chemotherapy and does not need BMT (fingers crossed), I would love to use Ava's story as the cover story of our publicity campaign. I think my friend got consent from Ava's dad but I want to double check here. Thank you!

borabora said...

HI Crystal! that would be great. Thank you for helping us spread the word. Your son and your family are in our prayers. Please give him the biggest high-five from me. He is a warrior, for sure! So are you, Crystal!

borabora said...

Thank you for your prayers! We are blessed by your encouragement and friendship!

borabora said...

Amy, thank you for your prayers and for your heartfelt support. I was moved to tears by your recent letter to Ava. We are blessed to call you our friends! Love, Esther