Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Biopsy & Preliminary Match(es)

Ava had her biopsy and spinal tap done this morning, and everything seemed to go smoothly. Thank You, Lord! Thank you for your prayers.

Hopefully we'll find out the biopsy results tomorrow and then have an idea of which chemotherapy route will be taken.

Mike & Esther also met with the heme/onc team today to find out a little bit more about BMT. 

They found 2 matches in the U.S. at this point! (Not sure if anything panned out from the potential Japan match). They are both "good" (not perfect) matches, meaning 7 out of 8 factors match. Both potential donors have stepped forward to give another blood sample, so we are so thankful that they have responded to the call and are willing to proceed as necessary. There are also 2 cord blood matches (but only 1 viable match due to possible Hep B in the other cord blood), so cord blood transplantation is also a possibility. However, bone marrow transplants have an overall survival rate of 50-60%, so that puts things in perspective. This is why BMT is still considered a last resort.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! I'll post more later and of course update you with results when we find out.

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