Monday, June 16, 2014

Biopsy on Wednesday

Ava is scheduled for her bone marrow biopsy this Wednesday. Esther posted the following on her Facebook page:

ava has been feeling the effects of chemo pretty hard for this round. she wakes up feeling unwell and nauseous. her gums are swollen and she has begun to get mouth sores. we are ready to be done but it looks like we still have quite a long road ahead.

her biopsy is scheduled for this wednesday so, if you remember, please pray for ava, that she would be MRD negative with ZERO detectable cancer cells and that the leukemia would never return in any form in the future. we know that life is busy so any prayers, whenever you remember, would mean the world to us. God is able!

Thank you for your intercession!


Anonymous said...

Yes, God is able! Lord, please help Ava be healthy again. Please let her stay with mom on the earth, growing up, getting married, no chemo suffer any more... Nobody can do this, but there is no doult that YOU are able!!!

Heather Rocen said...

Any word on the results yet?

Anonymous said...

I will contact you after the I consult someone who is an expert .
Have hope there will be a solution for this.