Monday, June 23, 2014

Continuing Consolidation

Hi, friends! We had our church retreat this past weekend, and Ava & Gwen had a great time! (The rest of our families did, too). Good to catch up on some sleep since then.

Ava is at the Ronald McDonald house tonight in preparation for getting chemo tomorrow. The doctor decided to have her continue the consolidation this next month (which is the same chemo regimen she got this past month). So she will not skip to "maintenance" after all. After this next month, they'll check another bone marrow biopsy and reassess.

I had some fun conversations with Ava & Gwen over the weekend at retreat. I'll share a couple:

Gwen was playing with my hair. After gathering it up in a pretend ponytail, I said, "Ye-po-da!" (Which means "pretty" in Korean... though I'm not Korean). She looks over from behind me and says, "Ye-po-da? How do you know ye-po-da?"

Another time, on our way to pick up some things, Ava tells me about Pippen, their new dog:

Ava: "We have to buy food for Pippen all the time! But we just got a package in the mail. It's a HUMONGOUS bag of dog food - a year's supply of food for Pippen!"

Gwen: "What's 'humongous'?"

Something about the purity, innocence and curiosity of children makes conversations with them so fun! Add their cute little voices and pronunciations and you can't help but to laugh.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers! We cherish the opportunity to have many more of these precious conversations.


Anonymous said...

Let's keep praying Ava goes to MRD negative in this round.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet sharing. Indeed, hope to have many, many more.