Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chemo on Wednesday

Ava is graduating kindergarten today! As a result, her chemo is rescheduled for tomorrow.

I believe she may have a bone marrow biopsy next week to see where she's at. Please continue praying that she will be MRD negative by then. If she is not, she will probably complete this treatment anyway, in order to get in her in the best possible position for BMT.

Please pray for both Ava and Gwen. Ava has been experiencing knee pain that keeps her up (or wakes her up), so not only is she in pain, but she's not getting enough sleep. It is unclear if Ava's knee pain is the leukemia or if it is something else. Gwen's allergies have also been acting up (exposure to food allergies somehow), which means she also has been up at night scratching and scratching and not sleeping as well, either. (This also means Mike & Esther could probably use more sleep, too!) So please pray for overall sleep and quality rest for everyone, but also for the elimination of the underlying causes of this lack of sleep. Thank you!

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David said...

Pray for Esther, Mike, Ava and Gwen. Tears for you. Pray for whole family stay strong and have a good rest.

- Ping