Saturday, October 24, 2015

Facebook Catch up

October 22:
It was almost exactly one year ago that Ava had a Hickman line placed in her chest. It was the first step into the most terrifying journey of our lives. Today, by God's grace, the Hickman is finally coming out! 

With the removal of the line, the doctors are also going to take a biopsy of a small growth that was found under her chin to rule out any new cancers. Asking for prayer against any setbacks in her health.

Congratulations on getting your line out today, Ava! We are so proud of you and how brave you have been. You have been gifted with the best support system ever, so always remember that it was the love and prayers of wonderful people that carried you this far.

Later that day...

Just got out of surgery. Everything went well! Ava wasn't feeling so good from the anesthesia and her incision hurt. Mike said maybe I should take the picture when she is not in pain. But even in the presence of pain, there are still reasons to celebrate.
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October 23:
Ava has been obsessed with vlogging ever since watching her favorite vloggers, AndymetSonia.

It is a perfect day for an entry because she reached a pretty amazing milestone! Don't mind my creepy whispering. Gwen was sleeping right next to us and I was trying to be quiet. Ava didn't get the hint, but that's okay. Today, she can do what she wants.

Also, we clearly do not know how to create catchy vlogs, so anyone willing to share their expertise will be handsomely rewarded with squishy hugs.
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