Thursday, October 29, 2015


(From Esther):

Read a part of Job last night and, I have to say, his friends really SUCKED. But, you, you have been a breath of fresh air, a fountain in the desert. And although we don't know which way is up and what is the truth right now, we are in AWE of how you are sitting here with us.

I imagine, in my crazy mind, that we are all in a room sitting in a circle. We are devastated and torn apart, but you are there. Just silently being with us. It's strengthening and humbling all mixed together. It's precious and we are so thankful.

Ava got her PICC line yesterday along with a bone marrow biopsy and collection of her spinal fluid. She was so upset to go into surgery but my dear friend Sue Park was able to take her back and be with her until she fell asleep. She was so pissed when she got up but some jello and Chickfila brought her back to her senses.

We got a call regarding her preliminary results. It looks like there is no disease that is evident to the eye in her spinal fluid or her bone marrow. All her labs will be sent to Seattle to check the most sensitive test to see if she remains MRD negative. Her skin samples are also being sent there to recheck the results. We should know more info by either today or tomorrow. Treatment will differ depending on whether she only has leukemia in the skin as opposed to in her marrow as well. We are praying fervently that by some miracle, all her test would come back negative.

Please pray that we would have wisdom and be decisive in her treatment options should her tests come back positive for disease. Still praying for negative though.

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SK said...

Ava and your family are in our prayers every night. We pray for Ava's comfort and to be cancer free, for wisdom for the doctors to keep her healthy, and peace for your hearts.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate every single piece of the updates which you wrote down here. My prayers walk with Ava and your family.

Anonymous said...

You and I have, maybe met at an OIL conference in our past, but besides have a million friends between us, we are "strangers". However, I have been with you all in prayer and hanging on to every blog update you post. That last picture of her on your lap just breaks my heart. It is so broken and crushed for you all, but we all do have this amazing hope in Christ. I'm praying for you all for good news, strength, and childlike fun for the entire family. Lord Jesus, have mercy.

Ann HisGraceToMe said...

I've been following your blog for a while, but never have commented. Your family has my prayers and support. God is Faithful.

Joo Park said...

I have been following this blog... I will pray for you!!
My son had a leukemia 10 years ago. He is doing good.
I cried when I heard about result but God is good all the time.
Please don't be discourged!