Monday, October 26, 2015

Give Me Jesus

I love jamming with this chick. This is a song I wanted to sing at my wedding but didn't get to. Ah, if only I knew then in full what I know now, that only he can satisfy...I would have sung it in dedication of all that was and is and is to come in this life. It's not too late though, so give me Jesus.


Shari Voltz said...

I have been following Ava's struggle through a friend, Suzanne Tressel. She walked with me when our son went through cancer and died at age 30. This child's heart is so precious!! Tears fall as I listen and realize that God is good, powerful, loving and is always there. I continue to pray for Ava and your family. May the God of peace dwell in your hearts.

Mary Kay said...

The sweetest voices in all the earth. Thank you for sharing this simple song of faith in Jesus. Love you all, Mary