Sunday, July 12, 2015

Feeling Worse - Update

Updates from Esther this morning:

We are still in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit awaiting more answers. Ava hasn't been feeling stellar this morning and is complaining of pain where her tubes are located (one in her abdomen and one in her side). There is still some fluid draining from both sites. Yesterday we were told that there were a lot of eosinophils in the fluid from the heart. Thank you for prayers.

Here we go again with being NPO (no food or water) because the X-ray was suspect for some fluid buildup around the left lung. They may have to put in a tube on the other side. Ava is already asking for food and water. I have seen kids decline so quickly here in the ICU. Praying praying that my girl gets to bust out of here as healthy as can be.


Your faithful prayers are greatly appreciated as the doctors continue to figure out the cause of Ava's fluid buildup.

Ava was taken off NPO status earlier this afternoon, so she can eat and drink again. However, unless the fluid around her left lung (and some around her heart) drains on it own, Ava will have to be NPO again starting midnight so that the doctors can go back in and manipulate her line in attempts to improve drainage. It wouldn't be ideal to insert a third drain, and Ava continues to have some intense pain from the drain tubes she already has anyway.

In the meantime, Gwen has come down with a fever and headache, so your prayers for her quick (and contained) recovery are greatly appreciated. In addition, please pray that Ava will not catch any additional germs! Thank you!

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