Thursday, July 16, 2015

Transfer from PICU Soon

Thanks for your patience. Reception has been poor at the hospital. Here's an update from Esther:

Ava is still in the PICU but hopefully we will be transferring to the Oncology floor as soon as a bed opens up. In the meantime, Ava had her chest tube pulled yesterday. The tube was pulled while she was awake and it was very scary for her. After that was done, she fearfully asked us how the pericardial drain would be pulled. The doctor told her that they would remove it the same way: a quick yank. She did a double take at the doctor and looked down at her tummy where the tube was protruding from and said, "But this one looks serious." The doctors couldn't stop laughing.

But in all seriousness, I wouldn't want a line that is connected to a space near my heart yanked out either. Prayers that my girl would continue to be brave even in situations that would make grown people cry. It looks like the fluid production is decreasing and Ava has begun her steroid treatment along with a medicine called Coltrazine.

I just talked to Mike and he informed me that Ava has not been breathing regularly in her sleep due to the large amount of morphine she is on. The nurse noticed that Ava was oxygenating around the 70's while sleeping because she wasn't remembering to breathe. She is back on the nasal cannula to make sure she is getting 100% oxygen while she sleeps. We pray for a smooth transition out of the PICU and that there would be no signs of long term damage or chronic GVHD down the line. And, of course, we pray that the cancer would never ever return. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

Never....ever to return to anyone anywhere!

Sookang Kim said...
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Sookang Kim said...

Ava I am Sooha. are you feeling better? 괜찮아? 안 아파? 빨리 나아 우리 학교 같이 다니자.사랑해.♡★