Saturday, July 11, 2015

Still Determining Cause

They are still trying to determine the cause of Ava's fluid build up. Here's a post from Esther:

Doctors just rounded and we are experiencing some emotional ups and downs. The first team rounded and said relapse was high on their list. Five minutes later, her transplant doctor came by and said that the slides do not show evidence of disease but will need to be looked over by a pathologist. However, her counts have dropped overnight so we will continue to be on watch for any signs of relapse. In the meantime, there are many tests being done to find the cause of the effusion. We ask for prayers that this is not a relapse. Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

virtual hugs to you ALL…may God be with you in your struggle for your precious Ava's life!

David said...

Pray for God's mercy on Ava and family! Keep us posted on the pathologist's conclusion.